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Savani Heritage Conservation Pvt. Ltd. – Truly, we live our promise of ‘Restoring the lost Glory

In Sanskrit means ‘Restoring the lost Glory’. History comes alive, when we walk into one of these Heritage structures – the sounds of warm trumpets, beating of drums, Sky high ceilings, Pieces of art, Grandiose of live of Kings and Queens, Voices of masses, Famous speeches and heart pounding sense of patriotism and glory. Every step into heritage takes us back in time and reminds us of the sense of architectural perfection, magic of artistry, weaving culture into the colourful tapestry of life and a sense of connection and bonding to help us define – ‘Who we are’ and be proud of our rich cultural & architectural heritage.

We at Savani Heritage have been living the same dream for over 23 years, restoring more than 100+ Heritage sites.We have been ‘Recreating History’ to bring alive the lost Grandeur of these heritage sites. We have extensively researched to bring traditional and conventional techniques into modern environment friendly approaches. Our use of Lime mortar enables use of lime pointing, construction of mouldings and cornices in lime mortar, waterproofing and restoration of Mangalore tile pitched roofs, cleaning stone facades, removing deposits, etc. We also rework the foundation and structural strengthening of weak structures. We are adept at retro-fitting of heritage structures and working on ceiling, gilding and interiors. Recreating art work, light fittings, story boards, visuals, etc is part of our every day jobs of our highly trained and creative team.

Savani Heritage Conservation Pvt. Ltd. – Truly, we live our promise of 

Enliven dying structures. Make them breathe again. Infuse life into them. Restore their past glory. Adopt conventional and traditional methods. Be socially responsible to conserve nation’s rich heritage

Who says – ‘History cannot be recreated’.